El Troje Medical Team

Category: Other Projects | 20 October 2001

El Troje Medical Team

Project in collaboration with:

National Rural Doctors Association A.NA.ME.R

LOCATION: El Troje - Canton Colta - Chimborazo Province

DATE: 17 - 20 October 2001

AREA OF INTERVENTION: Health and prevention

SERVICES OFFERED: General medicine, dentistry and obstetrics

We continued our activities in the Chimborazo province according to the cooperation agreement signed with the Association of Rural Doctors.

During the three-day stay in the village we visited about 300 people. As always, pesticides, vitamins and vaccinations were distributed while supplies lasted.

This medical team was composed of 17 people:

- 3 rural doctors,
- 2 Odontologist,
- 2 midwives,
- 6 nurses,
- 1 volunteer for the pharmacy,
- 3 people to cook.

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