Guamanì Medical Team

Category: Other Projects | 2 February 2002

Guamanì Medical Team

Thanks to the collaboration of:

• Dr. Cabeza, Universidad Central Ecuador
• Evangelical Church - Quito
• Dr. Michele Tagliaferri - Italy, for the donation of medicines and
medical equipment

LOCATION: Guamanì - Pichincha Province

DATE: February 2, 2002

AREA OF INTERVENTION: Health and prevention

SERVICES OFFERED: General medicine, dentistry and pediatrics


• a general physician (Darwin Logroño, a member of Ayuda Directa)
• a pediatrician (Monica Unda Logroño)
• three dentists.


• 19 adults
• 32 children

NOTES: While it was a short service trip for Ayuda Directa, it was still necessary to live with and understand the community, as they live different lives from those in other rural areas.

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