Meeting with Ayuda Directa in Bormio's Library

Category: Other Projects | 3 July 2014

Meeting with Ayuda Directa in Bormio's Library

A trip to Esperanza's culture insights , its history and traditions, a community indigene in Ecuadorian Andes: this was resumed in a presentation that took place in Bormio's library (SO - Italia).

In a room packed with people, Michele Urbani , one of the funding members of Ayuda Directa, presented and commented a series of documents that showed the daily life of this Andean community, highlighting aspects like the values of family and community, the strong link with the land and nature, mainly due to an economy based on agriculture and animal catering.

A lot of people, who have actively collaborated and participated to various project in La Esperanza with Ayuda directa, were also part of the public.

As said by the Mayor of Bormio Giuseppe Occhi, who has introduced the event, the life of every one of us makes sense on the moment that selfish logic goes out to ask oneself what can we do for others. Michele Urbani is still giving some concrete answers to that question while enhancing through Ayuda Directa, with every person supporting him, the life of Esperanza's people and enriching with his profound sensibility and humanity our community of Bormio.

Sabina Colturi


A moment during the speech Bormio's mayor Dr. Occhi presents the events

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