Tungurahua Volcano Operation

Category: Other Projects | 21 September 2001

Tungurahua Volcano Operation

Project in collaboration with:

• D.N.S.P.I. Dirección Nacional de Salud de los Pueblos indígenas
• Defensa Civil de Ecuador
• Dirección Provincial de Salud, Riobamba

LOCATION: Bilbao, Yuibug, Manzano and Penipe - Chimborazo Province

DATE: August 20-September 21, 2001

AREA OF INTERVENTION: health and civil protection

SERVICES OFFERED: general medicine and food distribution

During the month of September, the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano generated extensive damage in the province located in the central Ecuadorian Andes.

Although there were no victims, ash fall has made it difficult for survivors. Some villages have been evacuated, crops have been covered by a thick layer of ash, and roads have been closed for several days.

We organized an expedition into the affected areas in order to help families affected by the catastrophe.

Unlike ordinary "brigadas Médicas," on this occasion, in addition to drugs, we distributed food to about 100 families.


The arrival of supplies Distribution of food to families

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