Album of Sergio and Dilene for Ayuda Directa

Category: Publications | 30 March 2012

Album of Sergio and Dilene for Ayuda Directa

The last CD Sergio Fabian Lavia and Dilene Ferraz is available for those who wish to purchase by clicking on the link at the bottom.

This project was born from a friendship. After a visit to La Esperanza, a rural indigenous community of Ecuador, the dream of helping people who was born and inspired one of the tracks on the CD. For this reason, this disc, as well as being an artistic product, it is also a social product that promotes values of inclusion and solidarity.

"Amando" moves to embrace, in the broadest sense of the word, spiritual love, sensual love, the love of discovery and communication, love, that mysterious energy that leads one to the other.

The duo has always provided compositions that reflect the rich culture of Argentina and Brazil, forming a set of experiences shaped by traditional sounds fused with experimental.

The song "Prayer" is divided into three parts, which are presented evenly throughout the CD, tells a prayer full of magic: fantastic, religious, and secular. The sound, inspired by a phantasmagoric Borges, gives us a jumble of sensations and changing rhythms that contextualizes the songs into a wider world of sound.

The song Esperanza intends to express and synthesize cultural exchanges. The song is initially performed by a female chorus of the community and then uses a mixture of elements from different musical traditions sung in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and Kichwa, the native language spoken in indigenous communities of Ecuador (listen on YouTube to the song Esperanza).

It is an honor for Ayuda Directa to be part of this project, which allows bridges to be built between Latin America and the rest of the world. We share with Sergio and Dilene ideals that encourage a more just world that values and promotes the richness of cultural diversity and the integration of the people.

Funds from the sale of this CD will be collected and invested in sustainable development projects coordinated by Ayuda Directa in Ecuador.

Click below to buy the CD. After sending the payment, it will be delivered to your home. The cost is 15 Euro + 2 Euro for shipping.


Sergio and Dilene in Esperanza Sergio and Dilene The cover of  "Amando " (Loving)

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