Activities to recollect founds 2010

Category: Fundraising Activities | 24 April 2010

Activities to recollect founds 2010

-On April the 23rd of 2010 - Presentation of Ayuda Directa in Premana (Lecco - Italy)

-On June the 27th of 2010 - "Walk and taste 2010". It is a walk in the Alpes and during the route there are several stops where you can eat typical food. Ayuda Directa was present in the Fleas and Crafts Market of Santa Caterina Valfurva (Sondrio, Italy)

-On June the 25th of 2010 - Fleas Markets, Bormio (Sondrio, Italy). Ayuda Directa was on a stand with second hand stuff that was sold to finance project in progress in Ecuador.

-On August the 13th of 2010 - Fleas market, Bormio (Sondrio). Second participation of Ayuda Directa in the market with a stand of second hand stuff. All the benefit of the selling will go to finance projects in Ecuador.

-On August the 21st of 2010 - Third edition of golf competition "Ayuda Directa's cup", Bormio (Sondrio)

-On September the 25th of 2010 - Participation in the event "Cooperation and development week - The wealth of southern countries", Castel Mareccio (Bolzano) - Italy

-October : Bormiadi 2010

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