Fundraising Activities

Flea market in Bormio (SO)

Today August 7, 2016 it took place in Bormio (Sondrio Province) the traditional flea market where Ayuda Directa was present w... follow »

Summer Markets

On July the 19th and August 9th of 2015 in summer markets in Bormio (Italy) was set Ayuda Directa'second hand shop. Ther... follow »

Sergio and Dilene 's gig in Austria

On Saturday the 21st of June 2014 near Innsbruck (Austria) Sergio Fabian Lavia and Dilene Ferraz were giving a concert to the... follow »

Vegan Brunch in Worms, Germany

On May 26th, over 100 people participated in the first vegan brunch fundraiser in the city of Worms, Germany. The event was o... follow »

Sergio and Dilene concert in Como

On November 3, 2012, a concert by Sergio Lavia and Dilene Ferraz was held in Como at the Auditorium of the Corriere di Como /... follow »

Flea market of Bormio to support Ayuda Directa

On Sunday, July 22 and Sunday, August 12th, the annual market-exhibitions were held in Bormio. The two summer exhibitions bro... follow »

Sergio and Dilene concert held in favor of Ayuda Directa

On Saturday, May 19, a charity concert by Sergio Fabian Lavia and Dilene Ferraz was held, during which they presented their n... follow »

Fund Raising Activities 2011

March 19, 2011 - On St. Joseph´s Day, or Father's Day, a group of friends of Ayuda Directa organized a sale of hom... follow »

Letter from Gorizia

Dear Ayuda Directa friends, It is with pleasure that I write to inform you of the success of the market stand that was put on... follow »

Benefit Gig

On the 26t of May 2010 in Bormio (Sondrio) a gig was done to the benefit of Ayuda Directa. More than 200 people participated.... follow »

Activities to recollect founds 2010

-On April the 23rd of 2010 - Presentation of Ayuda Directa in Premana (Lecco - Italy) -On June the 27th of 2010 - "Wa... follow »

Actividades de Fund Raising 2009

• Mayo y Diciembre 2009 Actividades educativas en la Escuela Basica de Bormio (Sondrio, Italia) • Diciembre 2009 Ac... follow »

Actividades de Fund Raising 2008

• 7-8 de diciembre del 2008 Mercado de Navidad - Bormio (Sondrio, Italia) • Octubre 2008 - Bormiadi - Bormio (Sondr... follow »

Ponerle ganas ... para dar una mano

Una propuesta realizada por el voluntariado local para ayudar a los más necesitados. El proyecto consiste en la constr... follow »

Eventos 2007

• 8 y 9 de diciembre 2007 Mercado de Navidad - Bormio SO • 15 de agosto 2007 Mercado en Cepina Valdisotto SO •... follow »

Eventos 2006

• Diciembre 2006 Bormio (So) Mercado de Navidad • Noviembre 2006 Fiesta 1966 • Noviembre 2006 Fiesta 1971 &bul... follow »

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