Flea market of Bormio to support Ayuda Directa

Category: Fundraising Activities | 12 August 2012

Flea market of Bormio to support Ayuda Directa

On Sunday, July 22 and Sunday, August 12th, the annual market-exhibitions were held in Bormio. The two summer exhibitions brought together more than 100 exhibits.

Among the other exhibits, the disheveled and intriguing stand of the volunteers of Ayuda Directa offered everything and more. The stand sold items at 50 cents and up, including new and vintage textiles, books, and toys. All that is offered comes from private donations and is sold at low prices. For those who live in Ecuador, everything is appreciated.

If you wish to collaborate by donating what you do not use (excluding clothing), you can contact Urbani Diego at 347 5626993 or e-mail Pinuccia Ghilotti pippi.pinux@libero.it

In addition to browsing and rummaging a curious array of items, those who have passed by our booth had the opportunity to learn about the experiences and projects of the association.

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