Opened the Stands of the Community Cagrin

Category: Guagua Program | 29 September 2012

Opened the Stands of the Community Cagrin

After two months of work, the Tribune of Cagrin was completed. This area will not only be used by children to play, but also by adults to hold meetings and celebrate civic events.
The work was carried out by a local mason and was assisted by the community members who voluntarily contributed to the construction of the stands.

The project is part of the program Guagua and is intended to improve the quality of education and life in Andean communities.

The ceremony, which was attended by the mayor of the region Colta, was a moment of unity and joy. After the official opening , an Ecuadorian bullfight occurred, allowing all to have fun with the bulls (which, as tradition, were not killed and have returned to their farms).


The community choir sings some local songs from the stands Bullfighting "Ecuadorian" Spectators around the fence of the bulls The best student of the college begins the ceremony

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