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Children sponsorship to support their educational process

Whereas only with education it’s possible to access different opportunities, this program supports the educational process of Ecuadorian children, financing the improvement of infrastructure and educational management.
To participate in the program Guagua you must invest 200 Euros a year (you can also make the payments every 3 or 6 months). These funds will be used for necessary interventions in selected schools in coordination with local institutions (eg construction of bathrooms, adequacy of classrooms, teaching materials, educational activities, educational strengthening, etc.)

If you are interested to support this program please write to We will put you in contact with a child who, with your help, will have access to a better education. You will get the picture and data of the child and can maintain a relationship of correspondence. It is important to know that your support will contribute to the improvement of the whole school where your child attends. You must secure your commitment for a period of at least 3 years.

(*) Guagua means child, is a Kichwa word, the official language of the indigenous population of the Andean region. Kichwa and Kechwa (spoken in Peru) are very similar and come from the ancient language of the Incas.

Terminamos la construcción del aula de Atillo

Se han completado los trabajos de construcción de la nueva aula de Atillo, Cantón Guamote, Ecuador. Agradecemos... follow »

Actividades Programa Guagua

Les invitamos a ver este video relacionado con las actividades realizadas en este período gracias a la empresa Catapul... follow »

Inicio de la construcción de un aula en la escuela de Atillo

Hoy se colocó la primera piedra para la construcción de una nueva aula en la escuela "Puertas del Oriente&... follow »

Proyecto Guagua

Ayuda Directa, en su compromiso con una gestión educativa integral en las escuelas de algunas comunidades indíg... follow »

Taller de Formación de Formadores

Desde el mes de julio hemos trabajado en el marco del programa Guagua. Este incluye un proceso de Formación de Formado... follow »

New futbool court for Columbe Grande'school

Today was delivered the new public space/futbol court for Columbe Grande'school in Colta's area, Ecuador . This s... follow »

New restrooms in the school "Juntos Venceremos" of Chone

In the disabled school of "Juntos Venceremos" " Together we'll get over it" of Chone, thanks to the ... follow »

New computer room in Pinipala

As part of our Guagua program was created in Pinipala (Cantón Colta) a new computer room, fixing two computers unused... follow »

Presentation Videos of some of the schools of Guagua project

From today are available in our website and in our you tube, videos of presentation of some of the schools on which Ayuda Dir... follow »

The classroom construction in Columbe Grande has been finished

The new classroom in Columbe Grande is already in use. The construction was executed on the second floor of a classroom buil... follow »

A Play to End Violence

On April 30th and May 10th, Ayuda Directa invited the organization "Humor y Vida" to put on the play "Beto Res... follow »

El Condor Enamorado (The Condor in Love)

Alfonso Toaquiza, one of the most representative artists of the Ecuadorian Kichwa style and author of the book "El Condo... follow »

New computer room for the school in Tepeyac Bajo

Today we finished work in the new computer room for the Luis Cisneros school in Tepeyac Bajo. The room has been refurbished w... follow »

A new school kitchen for Ambrocio Lasso

Today we finished the construction of a schoolroom which will be used as kitchen and cafeteria for the children of the Ambros... follow »

Opened the Stands of the Community Cagrin

After two months of work, the Tribune of Cagrin was completed. This area will not only be used by children to play, but also ... follow »

Theater in Sigchos

On September 23rd, we travelled to Sigchos to pay for scholarships for the children of the Guagua Program. On this occasion, ... follow »

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