Workshop in Chone

Category: Guagua Program | 30 May 2009

Workshop in Chone

Today, we carried out various activities with the children of Chone (in the Province of Manabi)

The activities were divided into two parts, the first was the drawing contest "We Save the Planet," where children had fun painting and coloring in helpful ways to help the planet where we all live.

The second part consisted of the workshop "Who I am," which helped to bring out the personality of each child. We relied on the on the help of Charito and Nick, who made this activity entertaining, in which the children were able to see who they are and how everyone else sees them.

Ayuda Directa gave a shirt to each child to celebrate his/her day. All of the children were happy with their gift.


Charito and participating children of the workshop "Who I am" Nick helping the children to discover their personalities Posing for our cameras Everyone in green hope! Happy Day of the Child Our participants

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