Bathrooms in Cochaloma

Category: The Esperanza Project | 19 October 2010

Bathrooms in Cochaloma

It was concluded the construction of 27 toilets in the village of Cochaloma, Canton Colta, Province of Chimborazo.

The project, which began in August, has been made possible thanks to funding of Ayuda Directa, the work of the local people and the help of our volunteers.

This activity, in addition to improving the sanitary conditions of the village, has allowed the formation of some local masons of Cochaloma. In fact, they were assisted by other experts masons from neighboring villages.

The cost of each bathroom was approximately U.S. $ 950 and each family contributed $ 90, which is 10% of the financing of their bathroom.

On 19 October 2010 we officially handed over the 27 bathrooms, after verifying the completion of the work and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.


A family in front of the finished bathroom Maria signing for the completion of work of their bathroom From today, every family in the village of Cochaloma has a personal bathroom bagno personale Interior fully finished, tiled and equipped with shower and sanitary services Manuel the president of the village looks like advancing the construction of one of the bathrooms


Start to download file: L’immagine di tutti i bagni - PDF 4,8 MB ( n. download: 2163 - size: 4.877,18 Kb )
Start to download file: La imagen de todos los baños - PDF 4,8 MB ( n. download: 2140 - size: 4.877,18 Kb )
Start to download file: Der Toilettenhäuschen - PDF 4,8 MB ( n. download: 2123 - size: 4.877,18 Kb )

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