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Our sustainable development program takes the name of La Esperanza which is the indigenous community where we began our work in late 2002. The main objective is to provide means and capabilities to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of some communities of Colta, Province Chimborazo, Ecuador. All projects seek to exploit and strengthen the resources and potentialities available in the territory respecting the environment, culture and traditions.

Some of the main results that have been achieved so far are:
- The creation of micro-finance system in the village which provides micro-credits to households.;
- The construction of a community cheese factory; as well as training in production and marketing of cheeses;
- The organization of a community based tourism to accommodate 11 tourists;
- The health improving communities through the construction of sanitary facilities in 284 families

Solidaridad en los tiempos del Coronavirus

En estos momentos de crisis global que afecta a muchos países del mundo, hay realidades en las que Covid-19 no solo po... follow »

14 nuevas baterías sanitarias en Lupaxí Central

Hoy entregamos 14 nuevos baños a las familias de Lupaxi Central, Cantón Colta, provincia de Chimborazo. Este pr... follow »

Premio Nonno Martino 2019

Hoy se entregó el premio Nonno Martino 2019. El premio está dirigido a una persona de La Esperanza que se desta... follow »

18 nuevas baterias sanitarias en Lupaxi Grande

El 18 de junio de 2019, se entregaron 18 nuevos baños a las familias de Lupaxi Grande, Cantón Colta, provincia ... follow »

Entregadas 10 nuevas baterias sanitarias gracias a LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Gracias a la importante contribución de Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, se construyeron y entregaron hoy 10 nuevas bat... follow »

30 nuevos baños para las familias de Lupaxi Grande

Hoy entregamos 30 nuevos baños a las familias de Lupaxí Grande, Cantón Colta, provincia de Chimborazo. E... follow »

Dos días de salud dental e higiene oral en La Esperanza

Los días 22 y 23 de febrero de 2018, estudiantes y docentes de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad N... follow »

Prize "Nonno Martino"

The second "Nonno Martino" Prize was awarded today to remember Mr. Martino Caspani, originally from Alta Valtellina... follow »

Inauguration of the cheese factory and community tourism center of La Esperanza

On May 13, 2017, with the presence of the Mayor of Colta, the father Antonio Polo parish priest of Salinas de Bolivar, other ... follow »

New toilets in Chacabamba Centro

Today, 15 new toilets were delivered to the families of Chacabamba Centro, Cantón Colta, Province of Chimborazo. With ... follow »

Micro creditos

Sigue la entrega de micro créditos directamente a través de la Caja de Ahorro y Crédito de La Esperanza.... follow »

New courtyard in the school of Zazapud

Ayuda Directa contributed to the construction of a new courtyard in the school "Pedro Ignacio Lizarzaburu" of Zazap... follow »

Culturally appropriate delivery room of the Hospital of Colta

We cooperated in the equipment of the culturally appropriate delivery room in the Hospital of Colta (Chimborazo Province) wit... follow »

Finished the work of the second "Choza"

Choza in the local language Kichwa means house or hut. It is the traditional house built of mud and straw. In La Esperanza, w... follow »

Solar Panels

From this year the Ayuda Directa Office in La Esperanza works with solar energy. Thanks to a donation of a few panels used re... follow »

New bathrooms for Pilahuaico

Today Ayuda Directa has delivered 15 new bathrooms , 4 bathrooms remodeled and 4 laundries to Pilahuaico families, Colta Coun... follow »

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