Bathrooms of Quishuar Alto

Category: The Esperanza Project | 29 August 2011

Bathrooms of Quishuar Alto

Construction ended today on 10 toilets in the village of Quishuar Alto, Canton Colta, Chimborazo Province.

The project was carried out through the financing of Ayuda Directa, the work of the community members, and the help of our volunteers.

The cost of each bathroom was approximately $1,000, with each family contributing $90, or about 10%, of the costs for their bathroom.

On August 29, 2011, we officially presented the bathrooms after verifying the completion of the work and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.


Feliciano Sango family Josefa Lema family Josefa Pilamunga Chango family Manuel Paucar family Manuel Pilamunga Viñan family Maria Rosa Yuquilema family Pedro Sango Paucar family Tomas Paucar family Daniel Alfonso Pilamunga family

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