Bathrooms opened in Cagrin Buena Fé

Category: The Esperanza Project | 2 July 2012

Bathrooms opened in Cagrin Buena Fé

Construction on bathrooms and laundry rooms in the village of Cagrin Buena Fe, Colta Canton, Province of Chimborazo, was completed today.

Thanks to the collaboration of the community members, under the guidance of our builders, 7 additional families now have a bathroom.

Furthermore, a bathroom for communal use in the vicinity of the community church was also completed.

Our own volunteers, including those from Reed College (Oregon, USA), assisted in completing this project.


To date, 130 toilets have been built in the area Volunteers and residents of Cagrin at work Were also built six laundries made ​​of reinforced concrete The work was carried out under the coordination of local masons A finished bathroom All together in front of the bathroom of the community

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