Biofilter for La Esperanza's cheese factory

Category: The Esperanza Project | 9 May 2015

Biofilter for La Esperanza's cheese factory

Today on the piece of the land next to the cheese factory was built a biofilter to purify the water going out of the factory where cheese is produced.

The system was designed by Profesor Daniel Ruilova from the Central University of Ecuador with the help of a student group from the environmental engineering college who both worked with Esperanza's people.

Thanks from the heart to:

Dottor Daniel Ruilova

Maria Sol Monteluisa Mantilla

Cinthya Natalia Alarcon Robalino

Henry Daniel Cabezas Villegas

Paola Victoria Jami Gallardo

Luis Antonio Barzallo Bravo

Jessica Paola Llamatumbi Ayala

Pablo Ignacio Bastidas Chávez

Marco Javier Puente León

Francisco Daniel Pulluquitin Taipe

Gabriela Maria Haro Chalco

Patricio Isaac Pérez Lara

David Estevan Silva Hidrobo

Génesis Belén Yanez Jácome

Nataly Alejandra Bayas Robayo


They need 70 m3 of gravel to fill the biofilter Excavation of 11 x 8 metres that will be  used as a biofilter Tubes installation Geomembrane being set Ruilova, the teacher with his students  Preparation of sedimentation tank

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