Days in the jungle with kids from La Esperanza and Cochaloma

Category: The Esperanza Project | 29 May 2010

Days in the jungle with kids from La Esperanza and Cochaloma

In order to finish the theatre project , we went with 24 kids from the communities of La Esperanza and Cochaloma for few days to Misahuallì, Napo's area. It was a great experience for everyone. For some of the kids it was the first holidays of their life.

In these days we learned about the Ecuadorian jungle, the life of indigenes from the Jungle and about the animals. We went with a canoe to a zoo "Amazoonico”) from a Swiss foundation that is helping mistreated animal. There we saw monkeys, snakes, caimans, a lot of birds etc. After that we went to an indigene community. They showed us a typical dance, jungle plants like Yucca or Bananas, preparation of Chicha, typical beverage from Jungle's indigenes.

Another day we went for walk in the forest. A guide explained us all the interesting things about medicinal plants and about animals.

Every evening we were bathing into the river – one of the things that the kids enjoyed the most. But there was something else…. Monkeys of Misahuallì. There are of the Capuchinos specie and there was quite a lot of them, they are used to people, therefore they are not shy. The kids enjoyed a lot playing with monkeys and giving them candies.

In the end it was a great time that we will never forget.

This holiday was financed by the money earned at Christmas in Sanitz's community in Germany. Many thanks for this.


Rio Mono Hora de la comida

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