Esperanza Medical Team

Category: The Esperanza Project | 22 February 2003

Esperanza Medical Team

LOCATION: La Esperanza, Canton Colta, Chimborazo Province

DATE: February 22, 2003

AREA OF INTERVENTION: Health and prevention

CARE PROVIDED: General medicine, dentistry, gynecology, paediatrics

As part of the project Esperanza, a day was dedicated to medical check-ups and preventive measures.

The medical group consisted of a medical practitioner, gynecologist, midwife, pediatrician, two odontologists, and 6 Ayuda Directa who helped physicians in their work and managed a small pharmacy.

The gynecologist saw patients and performed pap smears. Dentists found that the lack of oral hygiene had caused irreparable damage to the teeth of the villagers and performed mostly extractions. The pediatrician distributed vitamins to all children, often including those who were malnourished and prone to parasites. As usual, adults also received medication for parasites.

A striking number of people did not have access to health facilities, often due to distance. This allowed many diseases to go undiagnosed, resulting in irreversible consequences. People with more severe diseases were invited to city hospitals for further screening and were able to rely on our economic support.


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