Information about Llin Llin and Esperanza Medical Brigades

Category: The Esperanza Project | 26 June 2010

Information about Llin Llin and Esperanza Medical Brigades

From Anja Himmels and Verena Langerbeins

We came to Ecuador with the idea to glance a bit of the life and culture of native people and at the same time give some of our knowledge with medical support.

With AYUDA DIRECTA ONLUS's team and CEMOPLAF foundation were organized two medical brigades in LlinLlin and in La Esperanza. Each team was constituted of a doctor, a gynaecologist and two assistants that sold medicines and helped us.

The first day in LlinLlin was exciting, because we didn't really know what we were going to face and what the people were expecting from us. When we arrived, some people were already expecting us in front of the centre where inspections were going to happen. We talked again about the walk and began. At first, the patients were coming for us and we did a short history and physical inspection. We were also teaching about how important it is to take sufficient water and about hygiene. After that we send our patients with suspicious problems to the Doctor and women also to the gynaecologist for a prevention check-up for the cervical cancer.

In La Esperanza, same things happened. Thanks to the first brigade we were more used to it and knew the frequent symptoms. There , older people were coming. By chance one of the locals helped traducing kichwa because we didn't understood it.

The more frequent symptoms were vertigo, headaches, and arthritis. But there also were some diabetes, urinary infections and leishmaniasis. People of the community reacted positively to our work and seemed thankful for the opportunity of a medical check-up and treatment.

We really liked the work in both communities and we had the confirmation that the littlest help and the simplest ideas from volunteers are most welcome. We are very happy that our work was that good and that the atmosphere between the members of the brigades was that positive. Furthermore, we hope to have given a small contribution to the wellbeing of the people.

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