Medical activities in Cantón Colta

Category: The Esperanza Project | 22 April 2011

Medical activities in Cantón Colta

In April of 2011, German gynecologist Martin Frank returned for the fourth time to provide multiple medical services, which were received by the villages of Esperanza, Pinipala, and Varaspamba.

Thanks to the cooperation of the staff of CEMOPLAF (Centro Medico de Orientación y Planificacion Familiar) of Cajabamba and Dr. Emilio Guacho.

On April 21, 2011, Dr. Martin Frank, assisted by our volunteers, visited elders of Esperanza who, in most cases, live in conditions of extreme poverty.


Martin and Elsa visiting a patient Francisco, one of the elders of Esperanza who received a medical examination at home Martin and Anna waiting for the first patient in Varaspamba It is not always easy to reach the villages, especially when it rains

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