Medical Brigade in Llin LLin

Category: The Esperanza Project | 21 April 2010

Medical Brigade in Llin LLin

The Medical Brigade came to Duchicela Shyri XII ' institute, located in the Llin LLin community, Colta's area. This activity is part of the agreement signed between Ayuda Directa and Cemoplaf.

Students of the institute, parents, teachers, and administrative employees attended the medical consultations.

Cemoplaf 'team, Dr. Eduardo Chango (that realizes medical brigade in the area) and two interns in medicine school were part of the brigade.

Participants in the brigade:

Edna Campoverde - Obstetrician - Cemoplaf
Aida Molina - Doctor - Cemoplaf
Elsa Zarate - Educator - Cemoplaf
Edgar Cruz - Technical - Cemoplaf
Alberto Yumisaca - Technical- Cemoplaf
Raúl Román - Technical- Cemoplaf
Emilio Guacho -Doctor
Verena Langerbeins - Medicine student
Anja Himmels -Medicine student


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