Medical visits in the village of Tepeyac Gatazo

Category: The Esperanza Project | 27 September 2010

Medical visits in the village of Tepeyac Gatazo

We carried out a medical campaign in high school Monseñor Leonidas Proaño located in the village Tepeyac Gatazo, Canton Colta, Ecuador.

Were visited students, parents and teachers of the institute, thanks to the collaboration of the staff of Cemoplaf (*) and Dr. Emilio Guacho.

As always happens in our medical activities, we have offered free medical services and have been prescribed medicines at a cost of 25% of market value.

We also re-elaborated the objectives of the school garden project with parents and students. We planned the planting of cereals, vegetables and tubers, and we set a schedule for the courses of health and agriculture.

(*) Medical Center of Orientation and Family Planning


Dr. Raulito while conversing with parents about the project of the garden school The students of the school have been very careful to speech Elsita of Cemoplaf helps patients explaining how to take their medications

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