Merry Christmas

Category: The Esperanza Project | 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas

On December 23, at Esperanza, we celebrated Christmas along with all the kids of the community and from the school of Chacabamba Chico Cagrin.

All together there were about 80 children who took part in this event that was organized for them in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development, Ayuda Directa, the school teachers and the people of Esperanza.

After the Christmas recital, each kid received a gift, while the elder people received some delicious cheese from the milk factory of Esperanza. Also, the children's parents prepared lunch for 200 people attending.

A deep thank you for the generosity of the ministry's diplomatic officials, the community of Esperanza and Cristina Avila and Sofia Freire.

On December 21 and 22 we went to the other schools of the area to give to about 1000 kids a box with typical Christmas sweets.

Here are the schools we went to and the presents we gave out:

- Columbe Grande, Escuela Estanislao Zambrano: 160
- San Guisel Alto, Unidad Educativa Bilingue San Guisel Alto: 160
- Llin Llin Pucará, Escuela Pacífico Chiriboga: 180
- Cajabamba, Escuela Tomas Oleas: 185
- Cajabamba, Escuela Mariano Borja: 100
- Chacabamba Chico Cagrin, Centro Educativo Comunitario 6 de Marzo: 60
- Varaspamba, Centro Educativo Comunitario Bilingue Ángel Armijos Vasco: 33
- Ambrosio Lasso, Escuela Jaime Hurtado Gonzales: 44
- San José de Pinipala, Centro Educativo Comunitario Bilingue José Arceño Chavez Andrade: 22

These gifts are a symbol of the generosity and the solidarity that are the main ideals of Ayuda Directa.


Hot chocolate and bread for all, thanks to the officials of the Ministry of Social Development The Birth The Social Development Minister Cecilia Vaca (picture in the center) with all the children  A moment of the play about the birth of Jesus

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