Merry Christmas from La Esperanza

Category: The Esperanza Project | 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas from La Esperanza

On December the 23rd of 2014 in la Esperanza was celebrated Christmas with all the kids of the community and also those of Chacabamba Chico Cagrin, Varaspamba y Pinipala.

In total around 150 kids were involved in the entertainment organised this year in collaboration with the Social Development Ministry, the Public Health Ministry , Economic and Social Ministry (MIES),Urban and Housing Development Ministry, Ministry of sports, Ayuda Directa and Esperanza's inhabitants.

Theatre, music, hot chocolate and Cayambe's biscuits, Jesus ‘birth play, chorus, lottery; everything with a hot sun and a lot of joy.

At the end of the day, every kid received a gift from the ministry authorities. Even the adults were blessed with a gift, while a group of parents from Esperanza was preparing Christmas lunch for all the guests with potatoes and roasted guinea pig.


More than 400 personas participated to the event People from the church Maria with the little donkey  Belén's birth Kids from Chacabamba Chico Cagrin are singing typical song  Theatre band Laugh and Life makes everyone smile  Samary Tamya, new artist from La Esperanza The choir "Esperanza en Cristo" The Ministry coordination Social Development Cecilia Vaca delivers gifts Every kid has received a backpack with a pair of boots, a ball, various games and a tradditionnal Christmas bag MIES animation for the kids

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