Miraloma Medical Team

Category: The Esperanza Project | 6 June 2003

Miraloma Medical Team

LOCATION: Miraloma (Tzalaron) - Chimborazo Province

DATE: June 6, 2003

AREA OF INTERVENTION: health and prevention

SERVICES OFFERED: general medicine, dentistry, and gynecology

• a general physician
• two midwives
• a dentist

• 150

NOTES: Miraloma is a village situated at 3,350 meters above sea level and about an hour from Riobamba, the capital of the province of Chimborazo. The medical team was made possible by the collaboration of doctors and the rural community, who coordinated the work with representatives of the Council of the community.

As usual, the medical examinations revealed problems related to lack of hygiene. Vitamins and pesticides were administered to each patient.

All patients were asked to donate 25 cents for their medical examinations and medicines. The money raised with these small contributions benefitted the local elementary school by funding the purchase of educational materials.

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