New bathrooms

Category: The Esperanza Project | 7 December 2011

New bathrooms

Today we completed construction on the new bathrooms in the village of Chacabamba Quishuar, Canton Colta, Province of Chimborazo.

With 10 already in use in Quishuar Alto and eight in Cochaloma, 50 bathrooms have been built in 2011.

The project was carried out thanks to the financing of Ayuda Directa, work and coordination of the community members, and the help of our volunteers.

This project, in addition to improving the sanitary conditions of the communities, has allowed the formation of local masons.

The cost of each bath was approximately $950. Each family contributed $90, or 10%, to the completion of their bathroom.

On December 7, 2011, we officially completed the last 32 bathrooms of Chacabamba Quishuar, but only after verifying the completion of the work and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.


Pierino and Raul, during the inspection after the completion of the works of a bathroom One bathroom has been used for public use near the sports field of Quishuar To date, 122 toilets have been built in the area where we work Manuel and his wife in front of their new bathroom The president of the village of Chacambamba Quishuar signing the documents of ownership of the bathrooms

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