New bathrooms in the community of San José de Cagrín

Category: The Esperanza Project | 29 September 2014

New bathrooms in the community of San José de Cagrín

Today we were able to deliver 25 new bathrooms - one for each family - in the community of San José de Cagrín, Cantón Colta, Ecuador.

13 of these are new constructions and 12 are remodeling of already existing bathrooms.

Thank to our support 186 families of the sector where we work actively are now able to enjoy this kind of installation.

By helping this way, we aim to contribute to better hygienical conditions in the communities.


Ana Paucar Tomarema Guillermo Tomarema Hugo Manuel Lema Caba José Lema Cava Jose Manuel Conya Caiza Jose Manuel Morocho Parco Juan Gualli Tomarema Juan Guamán Cava Julio César Lema Cava Lema Cava Arturo Lema Cava Luis Olmedo Lema Cava Norma Patricia Marco Antonio Caizaguano Maria Caizaguano Chango Maria Juana Gaizaguano Lema Micaela Lema Daquilema Pedro Paucar Tomarema Pedro Tomarema Cava Pedro Tomarema Miranda Petrona Tomarema Silvia Lema Tomarema Luis Guillermo Vicente Caizaguano Faustino Lema

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