New projects

Category: The Esperanza Project | 11 June 2011

New projects

Since May 2011, we have started the following projects:

- Construction of 50 family bathrooms in the communities of Quishuar Alto, Quishuar Bajo, and Cochaloma

- Construction of 47 sinks for laundry in Esperanza, built in reinforced concrete with the dimensions of 2x1 meters and 80 centimeters high.

- Anti-parasite campaigns in the schools of all communities in which we work.

- Completion of the new town hall in Esperanza as well as the installation of a video system. This will allow presentations and film screenings.

- A theater club for the children of Esperanza

We will also continue the following projects:

- Operation a collection center for the community´s wool

- Development of a new local savings bank (Caja de Ahorro Ñukanchik Kawsay) in Esperanza

- Environmental projects funded by the German Embassy in Quito, including the installation of 100 garbage bins, creating an area for waste management, and reforestation projects including the planting of 4000 native trees.

- An anti-parasite campaign for livestock

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