Nutrition workshop in Santiago de Quito's Institute

Category: The Esperanza Project | 15 September 2010

Nutrition workshop in Santiago de Quito's Institute

Taking advantage of the beginning of school year in the institutes of Colta's area and the quinoa’s harvest period (Andin cereal) was made a workshop about nutrition in Santiago de Quito's institute.

Cemoplaf, Ayuda Directa and 8 institutes of the area have an agreement for the realization of biodiversity workshops. Santiago de Quito is one of the institutes and thanks to the collaboration of parents, students, with a lot of success, we've prepared a balanced lunch.

The preparation of food in the indigenes communities bears for the major part carbohydrates (noodles, potatoes, rice). With that kind of workshop, we are trying to motivate the students in eating also vegetables and fruits inside their meals, without affecting their money and in order to have a balanced alimentation.

Thanks to the help of Cemoplaf's employees, was realized a debate about correct nutrition and after that was prepared a meal with local food. The plate was based on quinoa (prepared with rice, chicken, soya sauce, spinach, chard, broccoli, cauliflower,nettle, tomato, onions, carrots) and mashua (Andin tuber).
The students tasted the menu and learned it in order to be able to do it at home.


Manos a la obra Una olla con colada de mashua y la otra con el preparado de pollo y verduras Richy sirviendo la quinua y el arroz Los niños esperando la comida Los primeros comensales Los chicos poniendo atención a la charla

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