Observation day to milk factory

Category: The Esperanza Project | 21 May 2010

Observation day to milk factory

Thanks to a contact in the Marco Foundation (Foundation for Rural Action and Cooperation) located in Riobamba we managed to do a tour of two milk factories. This foundation aims through micro-companies to enhance development and wellbeing of the communities.

Representatives of 5 indigenes communities, of which La Esperanza, Cagrín Buena Fé, Cagrín Chico Chacabamba, Quishuar and Cochaloma attended the visit.

The group had the opportunity to see two micro-companies already created and working, managed by communities from Colta's area.

They observed the Milk Factory of "COCIHC (Corporation of Organization Indigenes for Farming of Huaconas and Cullucts)", where they realized fresh cheese and yogurt.
The other company visited was Ecolac of San Martín Bajo where cheese and yogurt are made. They also have a system to produce pasteurized milk and package it.

The group was very excited earing the experiences of creation of every company and also by the observation of the production process of cheese and yogurt.


Los quesos están listos! José Manuel observa el proceso Manuel observa como salan los quesos El técnico de la Fundación Marco está explicando los procesos

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