Pour une Histoire

Category: The Esperanza Project | 18 May 2014

Pour une Histoire

From April 28th to May the 10th of 2014, 3 volunteers from Belgium have stopped in La Esperanza. They made an interesting educational project directed to the kids of elementary school.

The project started in Santiago de Chile from where they drove more than 11 000 km, through Lima in Peru and ending their trip in Ecuador sharing their experiences and those of the kids met in the other countries of the continent.

Ayuda Directa thanks the dynamic trio of volunteers also for their generosity, they donated funds needed to buy an stainless steel tank used for picking up milk in the area.

They left us this video:


Adeline plays with La Esperanza's kids Natascha makes the kids write a story Tom and Michelle are drawing Before leavingm volunteers left books for the library let's fly

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