Summer project with volunteers from Reed College, Oregon, USA

Category: The Esperanza Project | 20 August 2011

Summer project with volunteers from Reed College, Oregon, USA

From August 3-19, 2011 we were accompanied by nine volunteers from Reed College in Portland, USA.

During the week they assisted in the following activities:

- Whitewashing new bathrooms in the communities of Quishuar Alto and Quishuar Bajo
- Building pools to clean water drainage of new sinks of Esperanza
- Collaborating with Esperanza´s kindergarten
- Cooperating in the construction of a classroom in Chisaló, Canton Sighcos, Cotopaxi Province

Ayuda Directa wishes to thank:

Kent Coupe
Chanelle Doucette
Ari Galper
May-Ling Li
Rachel Mossey
Chiara Packard
Kayla Sheridan
Sam Smith
Stuart Steidle

Other volunteers present:

Marta Carnelli
Maurizio Orlandi
Riccardo Patrini
Emilio Schena


We delivered to spinning mill in Salinas de Bolivar, the wool which we collected in the center of Cochaloma Our volunteers paint the bathroom walls freshly built Activities with the children of asylum Saturday, August 13 we were in Salinas de Bolivar to visit the project of Padre Antonio Polo

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