The Nativity Play in the Communities of Chimborazo

Category: The Esperanza Project | 21 December 2012

The Nativity Play in the Communities of Chimborazo

Every year on December 21st, the communities of Canton Colta organize a nativity play for the children to perform. Over 150 children from the schools in Chacabamba Chico Cagrin, Toropamba, Gahuijón Bajo, Cochaloma, Pilahuaico, Rumipamba, and Esperanza participated this year. The communities share this day of harmony and happiness in the wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

There are carols and dancing contests, lunch served to everyone, and a huge Christmas raffle with over 300 prizes. The volunteers of Ayuda Directa also join in the celebration, by singing, dancing, and wearing traditional clothing.


A typical dance The children of Esperanza present their dance More than 500 people at the event A special moment for the older adults The delivery of the fundas Everything is ready for the Christmas raffle Over 300 practical prizes were awarded A scene from the Nativity Play in San Carlos de Tipin The arrival of the Child, San Carlos de Tipin A girl in San Carlos de Tipin Children during the Nativity Play The children of San Carlos recieve fundas, bags of sweets  A moment of music A moment in the carol contest

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