Theatre Project in "La Esperanza"

Category: The Esperanza Project | 17 August 2013

Theatre Project in "La Esperanza"

This past july, we coordinated a theatre project with 18 children from the community "La Esperanza".
We organised theater lessons every morning during the first two weeks of the holiday.

We wrote the plot according to the mexican story: "The woman that shined more than the sun".

During the rehearsals, the children were to think about topics such as racism, domestic violence and the importance of nature.

The Children also had the opportunity to assist in the preparation of the props that would be used in for the production.

The play was presented on July 22 in the schoolyard.
The audience consisted of the children's families, teachers, volunteers and other residents from the community.

After the production, the efforts of the children were rewarded with a trip to the "lagoon of Atillo".

There we had the opportunity to fish, play games, as well as to cooked over an open campfire.

That night, we were all able to sleep in comfortable tents to escape the rainy night.


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