Workshop"I love my Pachamama and no not contamine"

Category: The Esperanza Project | 9 March 2010

Workshop"I love my Pachamama and no not contamine"

During the last week of February and the first of March we've done the workshop "I love my Pachamama and do not contaminate" with kids of some secondary schools of Colta's area, Chimborazo (Ecuador).

The workshop proposed a vision about the actual contamination of the planet and that each one of us can do something to help the environment. Furthermore, topics like recycling or compost elaboration were discussed.

For each class, a poster was given with points of the training.

After the workshop, bins were delivered to each school to do the recycling. Each bin was painted differently to separate paper, glass, cans and plastic. This activity was done with teenagers of the last years of study.

Pachamama means Mother Earth in the Kichwa Language.

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