The Beginning of Cheese Production in Esperanza

Category: The Esperanza Project | 29 April 2013

The Beginning of Cheese Production in Esperanza

The production of Esperanza's first cheeses began last week. While they await the completion of the new quesería (a cheese making facility), the new cheese makers, Paula and Nicolas, practice their craft with the assistance of workers from Salinas de Bolivar.

Work on the quesería advances with the support of the people of Esperanza and the volunteers of Ayuda Directa. This project has been realized thanks to the economic contribution of Bormiadi, Erlebe Fernreisen, Aldo Peccedi, and Anna Maria Caspani.


The new quesería of Esperanza overlooks the Andes  Until the new quesería is finished, a temporary facility produces the first cheeses

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