Beginning the construction of the Esperanza dairy

Category: The Esperanza Project | 28 November 2012

Beginning the construction of the Esperanza dairy

Today, construction began on a small dairy in Esperanza. Thanks to a micro-credit, the number of dairy cows has increased, providing the foundation for the first micro-enterprise in the area.

The contribution for the work came from an established partnership with Bormiadi, a team sporting event that takes place every year in Bormio (Sondrio).

Today, a cooperation agreement with Funorsal, the foundation of the community of Salinas de Bolivar, was also signed. This will allow the staff of new factory to receive the necessary training for the preparation of cheese.


Meeting for the signing of a collaboration agreement with Funorsal Members of the Executive of the community of Esperanza and Funorsal sign the Acts The beginning of the work, with the participation of the people of Esperanza and leaders of the nearby community of Salinas de Bolivar

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