Por Manabí

The project began as a response to the earthquake of 16 April 2016, and aims to improve on a permanent basis the living conditions of the inhabitants of Bellavista Don Juan, Canton Jama by strengthening the social fabric and the improvement of the local economy .

Inuaguración del centro pesquero de Don Juan

El 5 de diciembre de 2020 se inauguró el centro de pesca Fresh Fish en Don Juan, Cantón Jama, provincia de Mana... follow »

Project Don Juan Fresh Fish

We are pleased to announce that soon the new fishing center of Don Juan, Cantón Jama, Province of Manabí will s... follow »

Final Report Project Por Manabí - Earthquake 16th April 2016

The project "Reconstructing Dreams For Manabí" was born following the strong 7.8 earthquake that hit Ecuador... follow »

Boletín Informativo Agosto 2017

Aquí encontrarán el Boletín Informativo #9 del proyecto Reconstruyendo Sueños por Manabí. ... follow »

Construction of 18 houses in Don Juan

It has started the countdown to the beginning of the construction of 18 houses for homeless families affected by the earthqua... follow »

Post-earthquake activities - Newsletter January 2017

Latest news from the project Por Manabí: in the month of December 16 houses were assigned to the families of Bellavist... follow »

Post-earthquake Activities - Newsletter November 2016

It is available the Newsletter of November 2016 describing what has been done within the project Por Manabi in the Bellavista... follow »

Newsletter October 2016

Activities in the area of the earthquake of April 16, 2016 are going on. Download the Newsletter N. 5 of October 2016 (in Spa... follow »

Newsletter Number 4 September 2016

Here you can download the newsletter of activities of the month of September, made by the "Manabiproject" in the co... follow »

Manabi project goes ahead

Here you can download the last newsletters in PDF format of the activities undertaken so far (in Spanish): - Boletín ... follow »

Thanks for the solidarity

Ayuda Directa wishes to thank all the people who have been sensitive and generous responding to our appeal for help to the ar... follow »

Aid to people of Chone affected by the earthquake

While in Ecuador is upgraded to 654 the number of confirmed dead, 58 missing, 12,000 injured and over 26,000 homeless, we inf... follow »

Let's help the earthquake victims

Ayuda Directa is going to help those affected by the earthquake of 16 April 2016. After that the emergency will be over and t... follow »

Earthquake in Ecuador

We inform you that we are very saddened by the earthquake that hit Ecuador and caused many casualties, injuries and material ... follow »

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