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Our sustainable development program takes the name of La Esperanza which is the indigenous community where we began our work in late 2002. The main objective is to provide means and capabilities to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of some communities of Colta, Province Chimborazo, Ecuador. All projects seek to exploit and strengthen the resources and potentialities available in the territory respecting the environment, culture and traditions.

Some of the main results that have been achieved so far are:
- The creation of micro-finance system in the village which provides micro-credits to households.;
- The construction of a community cheese factory; as well as training in production and marketing of cheeses;
- The organization of a community based tourism to accommodate 11 tourists;
- The health improving communities through the construction of sanitary facilities in 284 families

New courtyard in the school of Zazapud

Ayuda Directa contributed to the construction of a new courtyard in the school "Pedro Ignacio Lizarzaburu" of Zazap... follow »

Culturally appropriate delivery room of the Hospital of Colta

We cooperated in the equipment of the culturally appropriate delivery room in the Hospital of Colta (Chimborazo Province) wit... follow »

Finished the work of the second "Choza"

Choza in the local language Kichwa means house or hut. It is the traditional house built of mud and straw. In La Esperanza, w... follow »

Solar Panels

From this year the Ayuda Directa Office in La Esperanza works with solar energy. Thanks to a donation of a few panels used re... follow »

New bathrooms for Pilahuaico

Today Ayuda Directa has delivered 15 new bathrooms , 4 bathrooms remodeled and 4 laundries to Pilahuaico families, Colta Coun... follow »

New vacuum-sealed packaging machine

On Thursday 3rd of March 2016 we bought for the dairy store of Esperanza a vacuum-seled packaging machine "Henkelman Jum... follow »

Merry Christmas

On December 23, at Esperanza, we celebrated Christmas along with all the kids of the community and from the school of Chacaba... follow »

Biological Filter

The 5th and 6th of November 2015 a group of environmental engineering students from the Public University of Ecuador have com... follow »

Delivered the Award “Nonno Martino”

Today it has been delivered the First Memorial Award “Nonno Martino” to remember Mr. Martino Caspani, born in Alt... follow »

Bathrooms and laundries for the Pilahuaico Community

Today Ayuda Directa has completed 25 new bathrooms and 10 laundries for the families of the Pilahuaico village, Canton Colta,... follow »

Water works are going ahead

Again this year, thanks to the presence and the economic collaboration of the association "Surgentes de Cagliari (Italy)... follow »

Biofilter for La Esperanza's cheese factory

Today on the piece of the land next to the cheese factory was built a biofilter to purify the water going out of the factory ... follow »

Mother day

With the initiative of the chief policy of Colta area was organized today an entertainment dedicated to every mother of the 1... follow »

Delivery of 12 restrooms in Toropamba

Today we have delivered 12 new restrooms to the families of Toropamba which is one of the highest villages whom we are workin... follow »

New physical rehabilitation centre in Colta's hospital

Today, April the 8th of 2015, with a major part of Colta's Hospital's employees being there, was inaugurated the ne... follow »

On the final step of Secao's courtyard works

In Secao (Chimborazo area) is working the Education unit of Oswaldo Guayasamín where more than 400 students are attend... follow »

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