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Our sustainable development program takes the name of La Esperanza which is the indigenous community where we began our work in late 2002. The main objective is to provide means and capabilities to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of some communities of Colta, Province Chimborazo, Ecuador. All projects seek to exploit and strengthen the resources and potentialities available in the territory respecting the environment, culture and traditions.

Some of the main results that have been achieved so far are:
- The creation of micro-finance system in the village which provides micro-credits to households.;
- The construction of a community cheese factory; as well as training in production and marketing of cheeses;
- The organization of a community based tourism to accommodate 11 tourists;
- The health improving communities through the construction of sanitary facilities in 284 families

Nutrition workshop in Santiago de Quito's Institute

Taking advantage of the beginning of school year in the institutes of Colta's area and the quinoa’s harvest period... follow »

Walk with kids from Wawa Wasi

Entertainment for the little ones! This day was a lot of joy for the kids on kinder garden (wawa wasi), they had the oppor... follow »

Wool gathering centre in Cochaloma

The wool gathering centre was inaugurated in Cochaloma! The project will allow farmers of the area to sell their wool dire... follow »

Harvest of kid's garden

It's time to harvest! The school's orchard is ready for the kids of wawa wasi to get the products that earth is giv... follow »

Anti-Parasites for the cows of Cagrín's community

We are continuing the agriculture training days in Colta's communities, this time it was Cagrín Buena Fe communit... follow »

Medical support to the old one of La Esperanza

On the first days of August, thanks to Doctor Enzo Bertamini, we have dne a medical campaign in La Esperanza (Colta's ar... follow »

Savings and Loans Ñukanchik Kawsay

On Tuesday the 10th of August 2010 in La Esperanza, were created the bases to constitute the Savings and Loans rural bank of ... follow »

Vitamins and Anti-Parasites for Esperanza's cows

As part of the agricultural program, training was done in Esperanza's community about cows health with the aim to bring ... follow »

Information about Llin Llin and Esperanza Medical Brigades

From Anja Himmels and Verena Langerbeins We came to Ecuador with the idea to glance a bit of the life and culture of nativ... follow »

Evaluation of Chakras'Biodiversity project

Taking advantage of the end of the school year of Colta area's institutes, with whose Ayuda Directa and Cemoplaf have si... follow »

Nutrition debates

Our last activity within the convention signed between Cemoplaf, Ayuda Directa and institutes of Colta's area was to pro... follow »

Visits to Salinas de Bolívar

Salinas community, located in Bolívar's area, is since 1970 supported by foreign volunteers and Salesian Mission,... follow »

Days in the jungle with kids from La Esperanza and Cochaloma

In order to finish the theatre project , we went with 24 kids from the communities of La Esperanza and Cochaloma for few days... follow »

"24th of May"

On the 24th of May in Ecuador we remember Pichincha battle, in which the forces for independence fought against Spanish milit... follow »

Observation day to milk factory

Thanks to a contact in the Marco Foundation (Foundation for Rural Action and Cooperation) located in Riobamba we managed to d... follow »

Bioinsecticides preparation

Continuing with activities of the agreement between Ayuda Directa, Cemoplaf and 8 schools of Colta's area today we did t... follow »

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