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Children sponsorship to support their educational process

Whereas only with education it’s possible to access different opportunities, this program supports the educational process of Ecuadorian children, financing the improvement of infrastructure and educational management.
To participate in the program Guagua you must invest 200 Euros a year (you can also make the payments every 3 or 6 months). These funds will be used for necessary interventions in selected schools in coordination with local institutions (eg construction of bathrooms, adequacy of classrooms, teaching materials, educational activities, educational strengthening, etc.)

If you are interested to support this program please write to We will put you in contact with a child who, with your help, will have access to a better education. You will get the picture and data of the child and can maintain a relationship of correspondence. It is important to know that your support will contribute to the improvement of the whole school where your child attends. You must secure your commitment for a period of at least 3 years.

(*) Guagua means child, is a Kichwa word, the official language of the indigenous population of the Andean region. Kichwa and Kechwa (spoken in Peru) are very similar and come from the ancient language of the Incas.

A new school kitchen for Ambrocio Lasso

Today we finished the construction of a schoolroom which will be used as kitchen and cafeteria for the children of the Ambros... follow »

Opened the Stands of the Community Cagrin

After two months of work, the Tribune of Cagrin was completed. This area will not only be used by children to play, but also ... follow »

Theater in Sigchos

On September 23rd, we travelled to Sigchos to pay for scholarships for the children of the Guagua Program. On this occasion, ... follow »

The Construction of a Grandstand in Cagrin Chacabamba

The construction of a grandstand at the school of Cagrin Chacabamba (Canton Colta) is in progress! The grandstand, once compl... follow »

Theater in indigenous communities in the province of Chimborazo

In April, on the 16-18th, the communities of the "Program Guagua" hosted a theater event. Thanks to the participati... follow »

The new classroom in Chisaló (Cotopaxi Province)

Today, work was completed on a new classroom built for the elementary school Chisalò. follow »

Entertainment for children of Esmeraldas

Today in Esmeraldas, a comedy called "The Journey of Two Clowns" was presented to the children. The event was atten... follow »

Work in progress to Pinipala

The new school kitchen of Pinipala, Chimborazo Province, has been completed and is already in use. The bathrooms have also be... follow »

Building a classroom in Chisaló, Cotopaxi Province

The construction of a classroom in the village of Chisaló (Cotopaxi province) was completed after a year of hosting th... follow »

Medical examinations in Sigchos and in Chisaló

Thanks to the presence of Doctor Enzo Bertamini, who has returned to Ecuador for the fifth time, we have implemented the foll... follow »

Guagua Convention 2011

On April 16, 2011, we met in Papallacta (near Quito) with the coordinators of the Guagua program to discuss the current state... follow »

Agricultural activities in the schools of Varaspamba and Pinipala

With the cooperation of teachers, fathers of families, and students, we were able to develop a small school garden in the new... follow »

Game atelier in Chone

Our hope is that kids from Guagua's Programm are having fun and spend good moments far away from daily problems.During o... follow »

2010 Guagua Convention

During the weekend of spring equinox we've met in Mindo with all the coordinators of the Guagua Program that is in progr... follow »

visitation of the children from the "Guagua-Programm" in Esmeraldas

In the last weeks we visited all children of Esmeraldas, wich were financially supported from the "Guagua Project".... follow »

Awards Ceremony for the winners of the We Save the Planet drawing competition

The five best drawings out of 300 were selected among the kids of our Guagua Program. The five winning works are shown below.... follow »

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