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Children sponsorship to support their educational process

Whereas only with education it’s possible to access different opportunities, this program supports the educational process of Ecuadorian children, financing the improvement of infrastructure and educational management.
To participate in the program Guagua you must invest 200 Euros a year (you can also make the payments every 3 or 6 months). These funds will be used for necessary interventions in selected schools in coordination with local institutions (eg construction of bathrooms, adequacy of classrooms, teaching materials, educational activities, educational strengthening, etc.)

If you are interested to support this program please write to We will put you in contact with a child who, with your help, will have access to a better education. You will get the picture and data of the child and can maintain a relationship of correspondence. It is important to know that your support will contribute to the improvement of the whole school where your child attends. You must secure your commitment for a period of at least 3 years.

(*) Guagua means child, is a Kichwa word, the official language of the indigenous population of the Andean region. Kichwa and Kechwa (spoken in Peru) are very similar and come from the ancient language of the Incas.

Recycling Workshop on the Island of Trinitaria

Saturday, September 19th, 2009, we have carried out a Recycling Workshop with our children from the Isla Trinitaria in Guayaq... follow »

Esmeraldas Workshop

Following our activities, today we organized a drawing workship "We Save the Planet" with our children in E... follow »

Recycling Workshop in Nueva Union

Today in Nueva Union, we did many activities with the children, including a recycling workship, a drawing course "Sa... follow »

Workshop in Chone

Today, we carried out various activities with the children of Chone (in the Province of Manabi) The activities were divided i... follow »

Nono - Concurso de dibujo

Hoy en Nono (provincia de Pichincha) se realizó el concurso de dibujo “Salvando al Planeta”. Los ni&ntild... follow »

Salvando la Tierra

El 15 de febrero empezamos los talleres en los lugares donde tenemos los becados. En Esmeraldas lanzamos un concurso de dibu... follow »

Carta de Gina y Milena

Gina y Milena Viveros son unas de la primeras chicas de nuestro Programa Guagua. Dos personas que con esfuerzo y dedicaci&oac... follow »

Guagua Convention 2008

Sabádo 22 de noviembre se realizó en Punta Prieta (Prov. de Manabí) la quinta Guagua Convention, la reun... follow »

Nono - Taller educativo

Durante las vacaciones escolares se realizó un taller sobre el reciclaje para generar en los niños conciencia a... follow »

Taller "Arte con basura" en Esmeraldas

Como parte de las actividades del Programa Guagua, el sábado 8 de marzo del 2008 se realizó un taller de recicl... follow »

Cuarta Guagua Convention

El 17 de Noviembre del 2007 en Quito se realizó la Cuarta Guagua Convention, un encuentro con todos nuestros coordinad... follow »

Tercera Guagua Convention

La tercera Guagua Convention se realizó este año en la ciudad costera de Atacames ubicada en la costa norte de ... follow »

Segunda Guagua Convention

Para mantener una buena comunicación con los coordinadores del proyecto Guagua el 18 de noviembre del 2005 nos reunimo... follow »

Primera Guagua Convention

Baños, 25 y 26 de octubre del 2004 Con la presencia de 5 miembros de Ayuda Directa y 9 coordinadores del proyecto se d... follow »

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