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Our sustainable development program takes the name of La Esperanza which is the indigenous community where we began our work in late 2002. The main objective is to provide means and capabilities to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of some communities of Colta, Province Chimborazo, Ecuador. All projects seek to exploit and strengthen the resources and potentialities available in the territory respecting the environment, culture and traditions.

Some of the main results that have been achieved so far are:
- The creation of micro-finance system in the village which provides micro-credits to households.;
- The construction of a community cheese factory; as well as training in production and marketing of cheeses;
- The organization of a community based tourism to accommodate 11 tourists;
- The health improving communities through the construction of sanitary facilities in 284 families

Enttrega de útiles escolares a la escuela elemental

Financiamos el 70% del material didáctico para 65 niños de la escuela elemental de la Esperanza. follow »

Censo a la Esperanza

Del 15 a al 19 de septiembre realizamos un sondeo/censo en la comunidad de la Esperanza Con la finalidad de poder mejorar los... follow »

Brigada Medica Cochaloma

LOCALIDAD Cochaloma - Provincia Chimborazo FECHA del 18 al 20 agosto 2003 AREA DE INTERVENCION salud y prevención SERV... follow »

Pintura de la escuela de la Esperanza

Gracias a la presencia de 4 voluntarios italianos que coordinaron el trabajo con los habitantes de la Esperanza, en la semana... follow »

Semana de la salud y la prevención

Gracias a la colaboración del Doc. Mariano Penzo, visitamos a más de 150 personas. El seguimiento de la brigad... follow »


In July 2003, the construction of a small greenhouse measuring 10 meters x 6 meters was completed. The greenhouse project aim... follow »

Miraloma Medical Team

LOCATION: Miraloma (Tzalaron) - Chimborazo Province DATE: June 6, 2003 AREA OF INTERVENTION: health and prevention SERVICES O... follow »

Agriculture Specialist

The arrival of an agriculture specialist, Dr. Orlando Pozo, in the community will allow more opportunities for local people t... follow »

Esperanza Medical Team

LOCATION: La Esperanza, Canton Colta, Chimborazo Province DATE: February 22, 2003 AREA OF INTERVENTION: Health and prevention... follow »

“El Condor Enamorado”

15 copies of the book "El Condor Enamorado" were delivered to the teachers of an elementary school for the children... follow »

Microcredit for individual families

In November 2002, we financed the purchase of nine quintals of bean seeds, which were evenly distributed to 40 families of Es... follow »

Educational Materials

Providing educational materials to the local primary school During the month of September 2002, we purchased educational mat... follow »

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