Thanks for the solidarity

Ayuda Directa wishes to thank all the people who have been sensitive and generous responding to our appeal for help to the ar... follow »

Aid to people of Chone affected by the earthquake

While in Ecuador is upgraded to 654 the number of confirmed dead, 58 missing, 12,000 injured and over 26,000 homeless, we inf... follow »

Let's help the earthquake victims

Ayuda Directa is going to help those affected by the earthquake of 16 April 2016. After that the emergency will be over and t... follow »

Earthquake in Ecuador

We inform you that we are very saddened by the earthquake that hit Ecuador and caused many casualties, injuries and material ... follow »

New vacuum-sealed packaging machine

On Thursday 3rd of March 2016 we bought for the dairy store of Esperanza a vacuum-seled packaging machine "Henkelman Jum... follow »

Kunturpak Churi

In November 2015 it was published the book Kunturpak Churi "The son of the Condor" by Alfonso Toaquiza. The book is... follow »

Merry Christmas

On December 23, at Esperanza, we celebrated Christmas along with all the kids of the community and from the school of Chacaba... follow »

“Il Sogno e la Maschera” (The dream and the mask)

Saturday the 5th of December 2015 at 18.00 at the Conference Room of the Banca Popolare of Sondrio via Roma 131 Bormio (So), ... follow »

Biological Filter

The 5th and 6th of November 2015 a group of environmental engineering students from the Public University of Ecuador have com... follow »

Delivered the Award “Nonno Martino”

Today it has been delivered the First Memorial Award “Nonno Martino” to remember Mr. Martino Caspani, born in Alt... follow »

Bathrooms and laundries for the Pilahuaico Community

Today Ayuda Directa has completed 25 new bathrooms and 10 laundries for the families of the Pilahuaico village, Canton Colta,... follow »

Summer Markets

On July the 19th and August 9th of 2015 in summer markets in Bormio (Italy) was set Ayuda Directa'second hand shop. Ther... follow »

Book : La Libertà dei Fiori

On June the 5th of 2015 in Bormio (Italy) in the conference room of the "Banca Popolare" of Sondrio was presented t... follow »

Water works are going ahead

Again this year, thanks to the presence and the economic collaboration of the association "Surgentes de Cagliari (Italy)... follow »

New futbool court for Columbe Grande'school

Today was delivered the new public space/futbol court for Columbe Grande'school in Colta's area, Ecuador . This s... follow »

Chone - Play Groud "Stefano" delivered

Today in Chone (Manabí area) was delivered to the children of the school for disabled kids named "Juntos Vencerem... follow »

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