New vacuum-sealed packaging machine

On Thursday 3rd of March 2016 we bought for the dairy store of Esperanza a vacuum-seled packaging machine "Henkelman Jum... follow »

Kunturpak Churi

In November 2015 it was published the book Kunturpak Churi "The son of the Condor" by Alfonso Toaquiza. The book is... follow »

Merry Christmas

On December 23, at Esperanza, we celebrated Christmas along with all the kids of the community and from the school of Chacaba... follow »

“Il Sogno e la Maschera” (The dream and the mask)

Saturday the 5th of December 2015 at 18.00 at the Conference Room of the Banca Popolare of Sondrio via Roma 131 Bormio (So), ... follow »

Biological Filter

The 5th and 6th of November 2015 a group of environmental engineering students from the Public University of Ecuador have com... follow »

Delivered the Award “Nonno Martino”

Today it has been delivered the First Memorial Award “Nonno Martino” to remember Mr. Martino Caspani, born in Alt... follow »

Bathrooms and laundries for the Pilahuaico Community

Today Ayuda Directa has completed 25 new bathrooms and 10 laundries for the families of the Pilahuaico village, Canton Colta,... follow »

Summer Markets

On July the 19th and August 9th of 2015 in summer markets in Bormio (Italy) was set Ayuda Directa'second hand shop. Ther... follow »

Book : La Libertà dei Fiori

On June the 5th of 2015 in Bormio (Italy) in the conference room of the "Banca Popolare" of Sondrio was presented t... follow »

Water works are going ahead

Again this year, thanks to the presence and the economic collaboration of the association "Surgentes de Cagliari (Italy)... follow »

New futbool court for Columbe Grande'school

Today was delivered the new public space/futbol court for Columbe Grande'school in Colta's area, Ecuador . This s... follow »

Chone - Play Groud "Stefano" delivered

Today in Chone (Manabí area) was delivered to the children of the school for disabled kids named "Juntos Vencerem... follow »

Katie James & Jorge Zárate

In May 2015, we were very lucky having with us two very special volunteers who shared their music and cheerfulness with all t... follow »

Biofilter for La Esperanza's cheese factory

Today on the piece of the land next to the cheese factory was built a biofilter to purify the water going out of the factory ... follow »

Mother day

With the initiative of the chief policy of Colta area was organized today an entertainment dedicated to every mother of the 1... follow »

Delivery of 12 restrooms in Toropamba

Today we have delivered 12 new restrooms to the families of Toropamba which is one of the highest villages whom we are workin... follow »

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