Mother day

With the initiative of the chief policy of Colta area was organized today an entertainment dedicated to every mother of the 1... follow »

Delivery of 12 restrooms in Toropamba

Today we have delivered 12 new restrooms to the families of Toropamba which is one of the highest villages whom we are workin... follow »

New physical rehabilitation centre in Colta's hospital

Today, April the 8th of 2015, with a major part of Colta's Hospital's employees being there, was inaugurated the ne... follow »

On the final step of Secao's courtyard works

In Secao (Chimborazo area) is working the Education unit of Oswaldo Guayasamín where more than 400 students are attend... follow »

New laundry in La Esperanza

From next week the new laundry of La Esperanza will begin operating. The laundry will offer its services to the local popula... follow »

Merry Christmas from La Esperanza

On December the 23rd of 2014 in la Esperanza was celebrated Christmas with all the kids of the community and also those of Ch... follow »

The project of community tourism continues with optimism

From today is available the new Internet page by DGWorld di Daniele Genetti follow »

New restrooms in the school "Juntos Venceremos" of Chone

In the disabled school of "Juntos Venceremos" " Together we'll get over it" of Chone, thanks to the ... follow »

Webcam in La Esperanza

From today you can see in real time our Community of La Esperanza Click here follow »

Delivery of the new Classroom for Balda Lupaxi

After the interruption due to a change in the use of the building , was delivered the new classroom for Balda Lupaxi in where... follow »

The Minister of Social Development Cecilia Vaca visits La Esperanza

This morning was a very happy one for the kids of La Esperanza. The Minister of Social Development, Cecilia Vaca, who also is... follow »

Meeting with officials of the citizen and social council

In the evening today in the conference room of La Esperanza happened a meeting with officials of the Citizen and Social Counc... follow »

New bathrooms in the community of San José de Cagrín

Today we were able to deliver 25 new bathrooms - one for each family - in the community of San José de Cagrín, ... follow »

New bathrooms at the college of Secao

New bathrooms have recently been finished at the college Oswaldo Guayasamin in Secao. Approximately 400 students attend this ... follow »

Meeting with Ayuda Directa in Bormio's Library

A trip to Esperanza's culture insights , its history and traditions, a community indigene in Ecuadorian Andes: this was ... follow »

Sergio and Dilene 's gig in Austria

On Saturday the 21st of June 2014 near Innsbruck (Austria) Sergio Fabian Lavia and Dilene Ferraz were giving a concert to the... follow »

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