Inauguration of the new classroom of Columbe Grande

As of today, the elementary school of Columbe Grande (province of Chimborazo, Ecuador) has a new classroom. This project was ... follow »

Solar energy

In Esperanza, we are experimenting with a new solar cooker, kindly donated by our German subsidiary. follow »

Entertainment for children of Esmeraldas

Today in Esmeraldas, a comedy called "The Journey of Two Clowns" was presented to the children. The event was atten... follow »

Christmas party in Esperanza

Today in Esperanza, the annual Christmas party was held for all of the children of the various schools in the region (Esperan... follow »

New bathrooms

Today we completed construction on the new bathrooms in the village of Chacabamba Quishuar, Canton Colta, Province of Chimbor... follow »

New beds for the kids of Esperanza´s kindergarten

Thanks to the help of Pierino, who has returned to Ecuador for the third time, Esperanza´s 'Wawa Wasi' (kinde... follow »

New Sinks in Esperanza

Today was the inauguration of 45 new sinks in the village of Esperanza. The sinks were constructed by local masons in reinfor... follow »

New Classroom of Columbe Grande

A new classroom is in the process of being built for the school Columbe Grande, Province of Chimborazo. Thanks to funds provi... follow »

Transfer of our headquarters in Quito

On November 15, 2011, after about six years, we have closed our volunteer house in Quito. At the same time, we have moved the... follow »

Work in progress to Pinipala

The new school kitchen of Pinipala, Chimborazo Province, has been completed and is already in use. The bathrooms have also be... follow »

Building a classroom in Chisaló, Cotopaxi Province

The construction of a classroom in the village of Chisaló (Cotopaxi province) was completed after a year of hosting th... follow »

Bathrooms of Quishuar Alto

Construction ended today on 10 toilets in the village of Quishuar Alto, Canton Colta, Chimborazo Province. The project was ca... follow »

Summer project with volunteers from Reed College, Oregon, USA

From August 3-19, 2011 we were accompanied by nine volunteers from Reed College in Portland, USA. During the week they assist... follow »

Premiere of the film "Cambiando el Cambio"

Thursday the 4th of August 2011, 8:30pm Cinema "Ocho y Medio" ( Valladolid N24 353 y Viz... follow »

Medical examinations in Sigchos and in Chisaló

Thanks to the presence of Doctor Enzo Bertamini, who has returned to Ecuador for the fifth time, we have implemented the foll... follow »

New projects

Since May 2011, we have started the following projects: - Construction of 50 family bathrooms in the communities of Quishuar ... follow »

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