Environmental project in Esperanza

Esperanza is currently implementing a new environmental project. With the cooperation and initiative of our German civil serv... follow »

Medical activities in Cantón Colta

In April of 2011, German gynecologist Martin Frank returned for the fourth time to provide multiple medical services, which w... follow »

Guagua Convention 2011

On April 16, 2011, we met in Papallacta (near Quito) with the coordinators of the Guagua program to discuss the current state... follow »

New Meeting Room Esperanza

On April 17, 2011, we presented a new meeting room to the community of Esperanza, built with the support of the Bagni di Borm... follow »

Fund Raising Activities 2011

March 19, 2011 - On St. Joseph´s Day, or Father's Day, a group of friends of Ayuda Directa organized a sale of hom... follow »


On Saturday, March 19th we organized games to play with the children of the orphanage in San Vicente de Paul of Quito. We mov... follow »

Improving water situation

From February 12 to March 7, thanks to the help of hydrogeologist Andrea Pilia, we were able to conduct a study of the source... follow »

Agricultural activities in the schools of Varaspamba and Pinipala

With the cooperation of teachers, fathers of families, and students, we were able to develop a small school garden in the new... follow »

Day Pest Control

The second phase of our zootechnical project is to provide anti-parasitic vaccinations to the cattle of the communities of Ca... follow »

Training courses for breeding guinea pigs (cuyes)

In the high schools of Tepeyac Gatazo and Lirio, where two buildings for the breeding of guinea pigs were built last year, tr... follow »

Art Workshop and human values

Maddalena, one of our volunteers from Italy, held an art workshop with school children of Esperanza, Cochaloma, and Pinipala.... follow »

Christmas party in the villages of Pinipala and Varaspamba

On December 21 and 22, we celebrated Christmas in the villages of Varaspamba and Pinipala, located in Canton Colta of the Chi... follow »

Christmas Entertainment in Esperanza Community

Today , there was entertainment for Christmas for the kids of la Esperanza, Cochaloma, Toropamba, Gahuijón Bajo and Qu... follow »

Construction of a house to breed guinea pigs

In the agricultural high schools "Monsignor Leonidas Proaño " of Tepeyac Gatazo and Lirio we completed the c... follow »

Letter from Gorizia

Dear Ayuda Directa friends, It is with pleasure that I write to inform you of the success of the market stand that was put on... follow »

Theoretical and practical course on biodiversity

Continue the courses in the schools of Canton Colta, part of our projects. This time it was the turn of the "Colegio Agr... follow »

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