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Anti-parasitic campaign for the animals of the village of Cagrin Chacabamba

Today we did an activity of anti-parasitic injections and administration of vitamins to the cattle of the village of Cagrin C... follow »

Medical visits in the village of Tepeyac Gatazo

We carried out a medical campaign in high school Monseñor Leonidas Proaño located in the village Tepeyac Gatazo... follow »

Anti-parasites campain in schools of the area

As a first activity to start classes, a deworming campaign was done in the schools of the following communities: Cochaloma, E... follow »

Nutrition workshop in Santiago de Quito's Institute

Taking advantage of the beginning of school year in the institutes of Colta's area and the quinoa’s harvest period... follow »

Walk with kids from Wawa Wasi

Entertainment for the little ones! This day was a lot of joy for the kids on kinder garden (wawa wasi), they had the oppor... follow »

Wool gathering centre in Cochaloma

The wool gathering centre was inaugurated in Cochaloma! The project will allow farmers of the area to sell their wool dire... follow »

New car for Ayuda Directa

Fron August the 23rd we have a new car that will help going from one place we have a project on to another. follow »

Harvest of kid's garden

It's time to harvest! The school's orchard is ready for the kids of wawa wasi to get the products that earth is giv... follow »

Anti-Parasites for the cows of Cagrín's community

We are continuing the agriculture training days in Colta's communities, this time it was Cagrín Buena Fe communit... follow »

Medical support to the old one of La Esperanza

On the first days of August, thanks to Doctor Enzo Bertamini, we have dne a medical campaign in La Esperanza (Colta's ar... follow »

Savings and Loans Ñukanchik Kawsay

On Tuesday the 10th of August 2010 in La Esperanza, were created the bases to constitute the Savings and Loans rural bank of ... follow »

Vitamins and Anti-Parasites for Esperanza's cows

As part of the agricultural program, training was done in Esperanza's community about cows health with the aim to bring ... follow »

Information about Llin Llin and Esperanza Medical Brigades

From Anja Himmels and Verena Langerbeins We came to Ecuador with the idea to glance a bit of the life and culture of nativ... follow »

Evaluation of Chakras'Biodiversity project

Taking advantage of the end of the school year of Colta area's institutes, with whose Ayuda Directa and Cemoplaf have si... follow »

Nutrition debates

Our last activity within the convention signed between Cemoplaf, Ayuda Directa and institutes of Colta's area was to pro... follow »

Visits to Salinas de Bolívar

Salinas community, located in Bolívar's area, is since 1970 supported by foreign volunteers and Salesian Mission,... follow »

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