Christmas Entertainment in Esperanza Community

Today , there was entertainment for Christmas for the kids of la Esperanza, Cochaloma, Toropamba, Gahuijón Bajo and Qu... follow »

Construction of a house to breed guinea pigs

In the agricultural high schools "Monsignor Leonidas Proaño " of Tepeyac Gatazo and Lirio we completed the c... follow »

Letter from Gorizia

Dear Ayuda Directa friends, It is with pleasure that I write to inform you of the success of the market stand that was put on... follow »

Theoretical and practical course on biodiversity

Continue the courses in the schools of Canton Colta, part of our projects. This time it was the turn of the "Colegio Agr... follow »

PROJECT HOGAR SAN VICENTE DE PAUL - Meeting on sex education in the orphanage San Vicente de Paul

Thanks to the cooperation of the staff of Cemoplaf of Cajambaba, Mrs. Elsa Zarate and Dr. Lourdes Rivera, was held a meeting ... follow »

Bathrooms in Cochaloma

It was concluded the construction of 27 toilets in the village of Cochaloma, Canton Colta, Province of Chimborazo. The projec... follow »

Presentation of the book "KUNTUR JAKA - La Sabiduria de mi abuelo"

On October 6, 2010 at 19 pm at the House of Ecuadorian Culture was presented the book "Kuntur Jaka - La Sabiduria de mi... follow »

Anti-parasitic campaign for the animals of the village of Cagrin Chacabamba

Today we did an activity of anti-parasitic injections and administration of vitamins to the cattle of the village of Cagrin C... follow »

Medical visits in the village of Tepeyac Gatazo

We carried out a medical campaign in high school Monseñor Leonidas Proaño located in the village Tepeyac Gatazo... follow »

Anti-parasites campain in schools of the area

As a first activity to start classes, a deworming campaign was done in the schools of the following communities: Cochaloma, E... follow »

Nutrition workshop in Santiago de Quito's Institute

Taking advantage of the beginning of school year in the institutes of Colta's area and the quinoa’s harvest period... follow »

Walk with kids from Wawa Wasi

Entertainment for the little ones! This day was a lot of joy for the kids on kinder garden (wawa wasi), they had the oppor... follow »

Wool gathering centre in Cochaloma

The wool gathering centre was inaugurated in Cochaloma! The project will allow farmers of the area to sell their wool dire... follow »

New car for Ayuda Directa

Fron August the 23rd we have a new car that will help going from one place we have a project on to another. follow »

Harvest of kid's garden

It's time to harvest! The school's orchard is ready for the kids of wawa wasi to get the products that earth is giv... follow »

Anti-Parasites for the cows of Cagrín's community

We are continuing the agriculture training days in Colta's communities, this time it was Cagrín Buena Fe communit... follow »

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