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A new school kitchen for Ambrocio Lasso

Today we finished the construction of a schoolroom which will be used as kitchen and cafeteria for the children of the Ambros... follow »

New water tank and pumping system

Today a new water tank and a pump system were installed in the Unidad Educativa Oswaldo Guayasamin of Secao (Cantón Co... follow »

Beginning the construction of the Esperanza dairy

Today, construction began on a small dairy in Esperanza. Thanks to a micro-credit, the number of dairy cows has increased, pr... follow »

Sergio and Dilene concert in Como

On November 3, 2012, a concert by Sergio Lavia and Dilene Ferraz was held in Como at the Auditorium of the Corriere di Como /... follow »

PROJECT HOGAR SAN VICENTE DE PAUL - University of San Francisco Quito

Through entrepreneurial projects, creativity, and great effort, students of the University San Francisco of Quito have raised... follow »

Opened the Stands of the Community Cagrin

After two months of work, the Tribune of Cagrin was completed. This area will not only be used by children to play, but also ... follow »

Theater in Sigchos

On September 23rd, we travelled to Sigchos to pay for scholarships for the children of the Guagua Program. On this occasion, ... follow »

Inauguration of the new kindergarten of Esperanza

On September 17, 2012, we officially opened the new kindergarten of Esperanza. The renovations took place in the summer due ... follow »

The Month of Water

Thanks to the help of three hydro geologists, Andrea, Manuela and Alejandro, all members of Surgentes , we will focus on impr... follow »

Summer in Esperanza

We plan to continue our activities in Esperanza, which can be summarized as follows: - The presence of a physician to provide... follow »

Flea market of Bormio to support Ayuda Directa

On Sunday, July 22 and Sunday, August 12th, the annual market-exhibitions were held in Bormio. The two summer exhibitions bro... follow »

The Construction of a Grandstand in Cagrin Chacabamba

The construction of a grandstand at the school of Cagrin Chacabamba (Canton Colta) is in progress! The grandstand, once compl... follow »

Bathrooms opened in Cagrin Buena Fé

Construction on bathrooms and laundry rooms in the village of Cagrin Buena Fe, Colta Canton, Province of Chimborazo, was comp... follow »

A day dedicated to the Pachamama (nature)

An ecology day with all of the students of Esperanza was organized. The day began with the screening of a video to raise awar... follow »

Sergio and Dilene concert held in favor of Ayuda Directa

On Saturday, May 19, a charity concert by Sergio Fabian Lavia and Dilene Ferraz was held, during which they presented their n... follow »

Theater in indigenous communities in the province of Chimborazo

In April, on the 16-18th, the communities of the "Program Guagua" hosted a theater event. Thanks to the participati... follow »

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