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Album of Sergio and Dilene for Ayuda Directa

The last CD Sergio Fabian Lavia and Dilene Ferraz is available for those who wish to purchase by clicking on the link at the ... follow »

PROJECT HOGAR SAN VICENTE DE PAUL - Invitation cards for wedding

One activity carried out by the orphanage San Vicente de Paul of Quito is the creation of cute cards on recycled paper that c... follow »

Renovated bathrooms in Esperanza´s school

Thanks to funds raised for the new Guagua project, we are now able to provide maintenance and renovation on the bathrooms in ... follow »


During the first half of 2012, the University of San Francisco de Quito promoted charitable activities. The funds raised will... follow »

Medical visits to villages

Thanks to the presence of Richard, an Italian gastroenterologist, we were available in various communities in the province of... follow »

Pedestrian bridge in Llin Llin

Today marked the inauguration of the new pedestrian bridge in Llin Llin. The bridge will allow students of the Agricultural I... follow »

The new classroom in Chisaló (Cotopaxi Province)

Today, work was completed on a new classroom built for the elementary school Chisalò. follow »

Berlin - Presentation of the documentary "Cambiando el cambio"

The documentary Cambiando el Cambio, filmed last year in Esperanza and directed by three of our volunteers, will be presented... follow »

Inauguration of the new classroom of Columbe Grande

As of today, the elementary school of Columbe Grande (province of Chimborazo, Ecuador) has a new classroom. This project was ... follow »

Solar energy

In Esperanza, we are experimenting with a new solar cooker, kindly donated by our German subsidiary. follow »

Entertainment for children of Esmeraldas

Today in Esmeraldas, a comedy called "The Journey of Two Clowns" was presented to the children. The event was atten... follow »

Christmas party in Esperanza

Today in Esperanza, the annual Christmas party was held for all of the children of the various schools in the region (Esperan... follow »

New bathrooms

Today we completed construction on the new bathrooms in the village of Chacabamba Quishuar, Canton Colta, Province of Chimbor... follow »

New beds for the kids of Esperanza´s kindergarten

Thanks to the help of Pierino, who has returned to Ecuador for the third time, Esperanza´s 'Wawa Wasi' (kinde... follow »

New Sinks in Esperanza

Today was the inauguration of 45 new sinks in the village of Esperanza. The sinks were constructed by local masons in reinfor... follow »

New Classroom of Columbe Grande

A new classroom is in the process of being built for the school Columbe Grande, Province of Chimborazo. Thanks to funds provi... follow »

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